Thorns FC: Silly Season In The Rose City

In Britain the soccer offseason is often referred to as the “silly season.” With no actual soccer to talk about fans’ (and the media’s) obsessions tend to flourish into wild speculation and bizarre theories about their teams, or favorite players, and coaches, tactics, or leagues.  Most of these flights of fancy are just that, and they are what makes the season, well, silly. Continue reading

Flanking Maneuvers

The plaudits for Portland’s most recent 3-0 win against Vancouver will go, quite rightly, to Diego Valeri, after another piece of what is becoming almost routine brilliance, and to Fanendo Adi, whose brace broke what remained of the Caps resistance.

Behind the headlines lay another couple of strong performances that helped lay the foundations for Portland’s win here, as well as the increase in goals scored and generally improved all-round performances over the past few matches1. Alvas Powell and Jorge Villafaña have given the team an injection of pace and power down the flanks, reinvigorating the team as the playoffs loom and finally bringing “hyper-mobile, modern full-backs” to Soccer City USA. Continue reading

  1. The last four matches have seen the Timbers outscore opponents 11-5, a high for this year in terms of most goals scored and fewest goals conceded over a 4 game period.