Thorns FC: Silly Season In The Rose City

In Britain the soccer offseason is often referred to as the “silly season.” With no actual soccer to talk about fans’ (and the media’s) obsessions tend to flourish into wild speculation and bizarre theories about their teams, or favorite players, and coaches, tactics, or leagues.  Most of these flights of fancy are just that, and they are what makes the season, well, silly. Continue reading

Aside: Networking in New England

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This represents the successful passes between players, with the thicker the line, the more passes. x and o represens shots at goal (x for off target/blocked by defender, o for on target) with the lighter colors being Portland’s shots. By pairing this data with the average position during the match, taken from MLS heatmaps, you can start to get a sense of the flow of the team’s play. Here you can see how the introduction of Nagbe dramatically changed the shape of Portland’s place, with comparatively little going down the right side in the second half.

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