Aside: The Last Words

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s officially time to get over the last match and start really looking forward to the next. If you haven’t caught up with the latest on-field trials and tribulations, this is your last chance to do your blog rounds because prolonged periods of navel gazing and woe-betidin’ are no longer welcome. We’ve got a game to win, people.

But I know there are loads of blogs and sites out there catering to the Timbers, so you might not have time to read them all. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Why “read” all those “sentences” when it can be boiled down to a bunch of “words” in a “cloud”? #YOLO.

Six Degrees: Paying the Penalty – Slide Rule Pass


Absent – Slide Rule Pass


Searching – 5mTKO


how rapidly the great wall crumbles… – The Axe


More Woe For Miserable Timbers – Oregon Sports News


Portland Timbers player evaluations vs. Colorado Rapids – Oregon Live


Game Flow: Portland Timbers lose in Rapid fashion – Stumptown Footy


Taking all these posts together, the total summation of all those words boils down to….


Ah crap, I think I broke the site.

Seriously though, you really should read the articles if you haven’t already. They’re all great sites doing great work.


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