Thorns FC: Andskotinn hafi það!

From Dagny Brynjarsdóttir’s Instagram feed:

“Disc protrusions” are another term for what are often referred to as “slipped dics” or “herniated discs”, and they are often associated with sciatic pain and and leg problems in more severe cases.

Having had a disc problem myself these damn things are often at the same time simple and difficult to rehabilitate.  They are often related to core muscle weakness, so just doing your crunches, situps, and leg-lifts often helps keep them from occurring or returning.  But they are often difficult to get rid of once you get them, and they have an annoying tendency to recur if you get lazy, or your back is placed under unusual strain, or you have to walk or run awkwardly, such as over rough ground (or, in Dagny’s case, poor-quality turf).

Most of the medical sites I scanned suggested that 6-8 weeks is typical for the initial course of treatment and rehab before any sort of normal exercise or activity is recommended.  That suggests that Dagny may be spending most of February and March in the training room.  What Thorns fans should look for is whether or not she is present in the Iceland camp prior to the Norway match at the Algarve on March 1.

Obviously, we all wish Dagny the quickest and most complete of recoveries.