Thorns FC: Freeze tag

Per the Equalizer, Thorns FC has moved forward Savannah Jordan from the 45-day DL to the active roster. To meet the league limit this meant that a player either had to be placed on the DL or released, and Meghan Cox was the unlucky player waived to make room for Jordan.

This ends speculation on whether it would be Cox or Kendall Johnson who would be moved to make space, but doesn’t answer the question of who else might have to go when, as reported by Jamie Goldberg of the Oregonian, Tobin Heath comes off the DL ahead of the roster freeze on Tuesday, 8/29/17.

The Thorns had 22 players (including Jordan) listed on the roster today, although at the moment both Meg Morris and Heath are still on the long-term DL (thus keeping the team at 20).

I’m intrigued that the team seems to value Morris and KJ over Cox, who has had more minutes this season than either of the other two players.

Assuming Heath is in training by Monday, however, I would presume that someone – possibly KJ – will have to be waived or go on the season-ending-injury list (presumably Morris) by then.  Another possibility is moving Mana Shim to the DL if her concussion issues haven’t gone away by next week.

So I would guess we’ll know by next Monday at the latest.