Aside: Creating Chances

The Timbers have only scored two goals so far, but there has been no shortage of chances created as Portland continue to play expansive, passing football. Presented here are a few chances the Timbers have created, and the moves, or flow of play, that led to them.

Valeri Chance  FlowValeri Chance Triangles
Darlington Nagbe works a triangle with Chara, then a couple of give and goes with Harrington to switch the play and create space.

Fernandez Goal  FlowFernandez Goal Colors
Fernandez scores a tap in after the Timbers recycle the transition out wide.

Jewsbury Chance FlowJewsbury Chance Colors
The Timbers use the width of the pitch to create openings on either side.

Valeri 2nd Chance FlowValeri 2nd Chance Colors
Testing the flanks, the Timbers move the ball back and forth across the back, waiting for the opportunity, which comes thanks to quick movement forward.

Heavy dashed lines w/ arrows – a pass
Yellow dotted line – player movement with ball
Light dashed lines w/ arrows – off the ball run

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5 Comments Aside: Creating Chances

  1. dave

    Great work. I would like to see some of these go down the middle in the final 3rd. Using the full width is great, but not EVERY TIME.

    1. Kevin AlexanderKevin Alexander

      Yeah, I was going through chalkboards looking for trends in how chances were being made (basically, looking for shots from open play, or key passes and working back to the “start” of the move).

      It passes the time, okay? Don’t look at me like that.

      Anyway, most of the moves were like this. Variations on quick turnovers worked into attacking wide positions, or sweeping moves that swept back and forth down the pitch. I didn’t really have any purpose for doing it beyond idle curiosity, but I thought I’d share a few of the examples I took.

      The next job was to flip it and look at how the Timbers were snuffing out chances by tracing the passing webs of the Union and Fire as they channeled into dead ends. But I didn’t get that done, as you can see, hence me throwing it out there as a bunch of pics I thought looked pretty cool.


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