Thorns FC: Left Behind

In the previous post I mentioned that we’re now entering into the “second” part of the three-part 2015 NWSL season, the part where all the allocated players are raptured to Canada and the league continues with those Left Behind and a band of plucky amateurs called up to fill in the ranks.  This middle phase of the campaign looks to be an exciting but dangerous time, when reconfigured teams and the odd gap-filled schedule might produce anything from confused disasters to unexpected benefits.  Whatever the effects, certainly the prospects are worth discussing.  So…lets!


First; which teams are likely to get hurt the worst by the World Cup Interregnum?

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Thorns FC: Silly Season In The Rose City

In Britain the soccer offseason is often referred to as the “silly season.” With no actual soccer to talk about fans’ (and the media’s) obsessions tend to flourish into wild speculation and bizarre theories about their teams, or favorite players, and coaches, tactics, or leagues.  Most of these flights of fancy are just that, and they are what makes the season, well, silly. Continue reading

Alhassan – When all is said and done

2013 was, in many respects, a successful year for Kalif Alhassan. After an injury ravaged 2012, he bounced back to play some part in all but four regular season games last year. And yet, the Ghanaian attacker’s prospects of holding down a starting spot in Portland look slimmer than ever going into his fourth MLS season, so is it time for both parties to go their separate ways? Continue reading


Ryan Johnson doesn’t really belong on the list, but there’s a strong-to-pretty-much-certain chance that he’s going to end up on it. It’s not a pretty list, certainly not one you would think someone would choose to be on, and yet Ryan Johnson is, in a way, doing just that. An offer has been made to him to sign for the Timbers in 2014, but seemingly he is more interested in pursuing offers abroad (especially at the salary level Portland would’ve wanted him to sign up, to allow them to still deal in other areas) and so it’s on the list he goes: that list of one year wonders who filled the #9 spot in the roster for a season, then packed their bags and headed east. Continue reading