Ryan Johnson doesn’t really belong on the list, but there’s a strong-to-pretty-much-certain chance that he’s going to end up on it. It’s not a pretty list, certainly not one you would think someone would choose to be on, and yet Ryan Johnson is, in a way, doing just that. An offer has been made to him to sign for the Timbers in 2014, but seemingly he is more interested in pursuing offers abroad (especially at the salary level Portland would’ve wanted him to sign up, to allow them to still deal in other areas) and so it’s on the list he goes: that list of one year wonders who filled the #9 spot in the roster for a season, then packed their bags and headed east. Continue reading

The Chopping Block: In Defense

The off season lumbers on with the owner poking at a wound that fans thought had scabbed over, but it turns out might still be a little raw underneath, and the league patting itself on the back with an awards season that even Grammy organizers think is getting a bit too niche. The players are all off doing whatever it is they do when they’re not kicking a ball about most days and the fans are entertaining themselves in the only way they know how when there is no football to focus them: stoking the drama fire to keep out the cold.

The backroom staff will be working though. The work for 2014 doesn’t begin here, those wheels have been in motion for a long time, but it certainly ramps up a notch as Caleb Porter and, yes Merritt, Gavin Wilkinson start to push pieces across the table, charting the march to silverware liked generals in an old World War II war room. Continue reading