Thorns FC: Savannah Lang Syne

Portland’s #2 pick from this year’s draft, Savannah Jordan, has signed with Glasgow City FC of the Scottish Women’s Premiere League instead of the rumored move to Montpelier in the D1F.

After the draft I had hopes that the relatively short winter-spring French league season might allow PTFC to get Savannah on the pitch in 2017, a useful possibility given the anticipated loss of Nadim, Dagny, and Henry to their respective national teams for the UEFA championships in July (or possibly as early as late June, depending on when their respective national teams open their Euro camps).

However, looking at the GCFC and SWPL schedule it’s obvious that Jordan will not be available this season.

I’ll admit that I know nothing at all about the SWPL.  My initial thoughts were that it seemed like an unlikely place for a Thorns player to get useful technical instruction; Scotland hasn’t been a soccer power since the Forties and, at least for the men’s league, has become much like many of the other lesser European soccer nations – dominated by a single or, at best, a handful of big clubs.

However, apparently GCFC is one of these “big clubs” in the SWPL; that’s both good and bad, in that in 2016 they finished top of table and qualified for the 2017-2018 champion’s league, which runs through spring of 2018.

Hopefully for PTFC Savannah’s contract does not include these WCL matches, and the implications from the Thorns’ FO statements that her committment to GCFC is for the coming season and not beyond make that a likely suspicion.

This signing does illuminate what was an otherwise puzzling draft day for the Thorns; two of the three forwards picked are now gone for 2017 and the Jordan pick looks like a long-term investment rather than a short-term addition to an already strong frontline.

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  1. Timber Dave

    The Thorns season seems impossibly far away. Here the Timbers are already starting pre-season friendlies, and it’s still two whole months before we get to see any Thorns action.

    Sigh. I’m ready for spring to arrive.

    1. fdchief218

      Yep! Me, too. Hell, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m even looking forward to the SheBelieves, and I told myself after the way the USWNT behaved over the Olympics I’d never let myself get sucked into the Nats again and yet…here I am.

      I’ll try to keep things simmering along here until the NWSL camps open, at least…

      1. Timber Dave

        The SheBelieves Cup is interesting at least insofar as the teams involved are good. The USWNT plays far too many tomato cans, and at least SBC isn’t that.

        In the USWNT’s defense, *most* of the world’s teams are tomato cans for us. I wish other countries would support women’s soccer the way the US does — even more, would support women PERIOD as least as much as we do (not that there isn’t plenty of room for improvement for us in that department!) — but alas no.

        1. fdchief218

          The one thing I’m curious about is how well Long sets in at CB. In a way I don’t WANT her to; I like too much of what she brings going forward. But it looks like Ellis is determined to go with the 3-5-2 to try and unlock bunkers and the jammed midfield, so that’s where her future lies with the Nats.

          BUT…as you note, she hasn’t really been tested against anyone worth a lick. If she holds up under fire from France and Germany? Fine. But I’m not sure yet whether she’s going to bring the skillset she needs to be an effective single CB against decent opposition…

  2. Brian Fredricks

    Although scoring in many top heavy European leagues is not a sure sign of success in the NWSL (e.g. Ayo), Savannah Jordan’s hat trick in her first game with Glasgow City is hopefully a little glimpse at the quality of striker she will be for Portland in the future. One important note according to a recent Equalizer article: “Despite playing with Glasgow this season, Jordan has said she will return to the States to play in the NWSL in 2018.” I had not previously seen anything indicating she had made a decision beyond this year.

    Also, news on one of John’s top player hopes prior to the draft came out recently. Chicago draft pick Michele Vasconcelos will miss the 2017 season due to pregnancy.

    1. John Lawes

      Yeah, saw that on Vasconcelos. Sounds like it was an “oops” thing, so it’s not like she was planning to start her family and didn’t tell the Red Stars (or Portland, had we picked her up…) but, still, in the Big Picture not having a shot at her worked out better for Portland than not.

      My guess was that Jordan must have committed for 2018 or the team wouldn’t have burned a pick on her. Good to hear that confirmed.

      I read about that hat trick and my thought was “yeah, well, SPL…” Sounds like it was just a beatdown, so hard to really get a sense whether it says more about her quality, or that of the defense she was up against…


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