Six Degrees: Two Mistakes

Did Saturday’s game come down to two plays? Two mistakes that occurred within two minutes of each other? I’ve been pondering the idea. If you change Adi’s miss in front of goal, then change Gleeson’s charging out of goal two minutes later, the Timbers probably spend the majority of the second half with a 2-0 lead and probably finish with the full three points.

As always, soccer is a cruel sport.

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Six Degrees: A Complete No-show


I gotta hand it to Alaska Airlines. When the Timbers flew down to San Jose this past weekend, not only did the flight crew lose the team’s baggage, they lost the whole damn team. Has anyone found them yet, by the way? Is there a number we can call? Or should we just hang out by the baggage carousel and wait for Alvas Powell to come tumbling out?

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