Six Degrees: A Thoroughly Professional Win

vancouver playoffs 2 Photo - Craig Mitchelldyer, Portland Timbers

I had some friends in town on Sunday and we all went to the Crystal Ballroom for the team’s official viewing party. With 500 screaming, cheering, singing fans, it was almost like going to a game. By the end, my friends were singing along, waving scarves, and declaring loudly that they don’t always root, but when they root, they root from the Timbers.

The irony? My friends are from Dallas. And they’re already talking about going to the conference finals down there. Wearing Timbers scarves.

Resistance is futile.

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Six Degrees: Six More Games

colorado nagbe and chara

Okay, friends, I’m gonna be completely honest, right from the start. You’re not getting my best work today. I had nasal surgery on Friday and have been a complete mess ever since. I’ve got two black eyes, a swollen face, a couple tampons stuck up my nose, and a semi-regular dripping of blood/snot/dark magic. I watched Sunday’s game with a belly full of codeine and have only now climbed out of my sick bed in an attempt to write about it. My efforts today will mark me as either the strongest, most heroic person you’ve ever known or a gigantic pussy who needs to quit his bitchin’ and grow a pair. Either way, I highly recommend punching yourself in the face a few times as you read this, just so you can see it from my perspective.

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