Thorns FC: Yellow Press, or, “Some Mid-week Thorns Media Linkage”

I wanted to take a midweek moment to tip my hat to one of Portland’s newsweeklies.IMG_20160831_150503

This week’s issue of Willamette Week is stuffed full of Thorns goodies; a long piece on the relationship between the team and the fans, interviews with the returning Zika Death Squad, and a terrific profile of Nadia Nadim, our Heroine of Herat.

I will quibble briefly with the graf from the long piece that insists that the fans’ love for the team “…has grown stronger, even when the team’s performance has gotten weaker.”

ExCUSE me???

Weaker?  WEAKER?

Ummm…are we talking about the same Thorns FC here?  The one with the Magic Number of 7?  The one currently sitting solidly in second place in the league, still holding the pass to a home semfinal?  The one holding the head-to-head wins tiebreaker over Washington, Western New York, and Chicago?

Weaker.  Humph!

Ahem.  Excuse me.  Sorry.  Kinda lost it there for a moment.

Anyway, I confess to having a certain prejudice against the Willy Week; normally they hardly ever write about soccer.  But this week?  It’s a WW Thornstravaganza!  So, yay, Willy Week!

Their competitor, the Mercury, has a regular Thorns blog that’s always a ton of fun.  If you haven’t read Erin O’Regan’s hilarious writeups of the Thorns you’re missing a treat.  Example, from the “Miracle of Herat” home win over Seattle:

“Clearly, the Reign showed up to Portland with an advantage as I showed up to the stadium slightly sunstroke with two IPAs in the tank and an attitude that can only be described as Hangry.

SO WHAT- If I showed up thinking the Thorns would lose? THEY WON
SO WHAT- If I ate my my weight in baked ziti and roasted Italian vegetables? THE ACCOMMODATIONS IN THE PRESS BOX ARE OUTSTANDING”

That’s some good stuff right there, and you can say I said so.

I’ll also take a moment to recommend – in case you haven’t started following them yet – Jamie Goldberg’s and Caitlin Murray’s Twitter feeds.  Often good for finding out the club and player news news that hasn’t yet made it into the press cycle.  Merritt Paulson’s feed is often intersting, too…tho I had to go to my Facebook page to see this little treat today:

De Jong

Yeah, I know, it’s more of a C.I. “Six Degrees” story, but I loathe De Jong with the intensity of a million suns.  He couldn’t go to Hell, or Turkey, soon enough for me.  So I just had to post that.  Nice burn, MP.

And, as always, there’s Riveting!, where my compa Richard Hamje is probably even now working on his PMRs for the Seattle away match.  Let’s see how far off we are this time, Richard…

And the go-to Portland soccer site, Stumptown

So much good writing! Enjoy the Red-and-White goodness while we wait to hear the result of tonight’s titanic Tussle for the Wooden Spoon!

Anyone have any other favorite Thorns FC sources?  Let’s hear ’em!