Thorns FC: Pressed to draw

I’m going to be contrary.

I’m going to disagree with what seems to be the mass of opinion on Thorns FC’s 2-2 away draw to the Chicago Red Stars.  I’m sorry, but I don’t think the team “earned” the away point.  I didn’t see any “heroics”.

Yes, we’re undefeated.  Yes, we nicked the away point.  That’s fine.  And while I liked that the team showed fight and clawed two back after gifting Christen Press two goals within eight minutes – the 2013 and 2014 Thorns showed a distressing tendency to panic and fall apart when hit hard early – giving away those goals in the first place suggests that the team wasn’t well prepared and wasn’t mentally focused when they ran out in Chicago.


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Thorns FC: Just Enough

The Thorns’ second home match presented an intriguing contrast to the first.

Instead of the woeful Breakers the visitors were the Western New York Flash, a club that up until opening weekend was a virtual unknown and since then appeared likely to be a hot mess after its deconstruction by Seattle in Seattle.  The Thorns, too, were difficult for me to assess confidently, given that their domination of the slough of despond that is Boston was like trying to judge a boxer after watching her bludgeon a small child for her lunch money.  Add to that the return of both teams’ internationals, and a nagging injury to Alex Morgan, and the view going in to Providence Park yesterday was unclear at best.

Could the Thorns imitate Seattle and lay another beating on a disorganized, rebuilding Flash?  Or would a week of practice and familiarization make Aaran Lines’ squad tougher to defeat and possibly even a danger to ruin the homestand?

POR v WNY Long 4-18-15

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Thorns FC: Green Shoots at Merlo

Portland Thorns fans got their first up-close look at the 2015 Edition of Thorns FC this past Saturday evening when the team played the University of Portland Pilots at UP’s Merlo Field.

Well…sort of up-close…and part of the 2015 Thorns.  The game so utterly one-sided (as the UP stats page attests; Thorns FC 4 goals on 27 shots (18 on goal), UP no goals, no shots) as to provide little insight into how the team will do against a peer opponent.  And none of the international players – outside of Nadine Angerer – were in town for the game.

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Thorns FC: Big

It’s been easy to piss and moan about how this season has gone for Thorns FC.  I know.  I have.  I’ve complained about the team’s strange inability to put away the bottom of the table.  Griped about the defensive lapses, the yips and the missed chances.  Bemoaned the lost opportunities, and the blighted hopes.

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