Six Degrees: The Kid Is Alright

On Wednesday, the Timbers sent out a short-handed side to face a bottom-of-the-table team in front of a friendly home crowd, and got dusted, 4-1. Four days later, they sent out a short-handed side to face a playoff-caliber team on the road, and won, 2-1.

If any of you ever figure out how sports works, please let me know.

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What is a supporter?

The question of what is appropriate for a supporter of a soccer club came up on my Facebook feed last night, and I’m curious to hear what you all think.

The set-up is this; I left the Timbers’ match last night at 70′.¬† I was angry with the team, I was fed up with the run of poor play, and I had lab work to do and an early morning today.

But no matter: when I admitted that on social media I was shredded by those who were themselves angry that I and other fair-weather fans had left before the final whistle.

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