Six Degrees: Still Kicking


I’ve been jealous lately of my fellow Slide Rule Pass writer John Lawes. He gets to happily write about the consistently awesome Thorns, while I have to somehow find words to say about the maddening mess that is the Timbers.

But hey, what do you know, the Timbers went and won a game this weekend, so by God, I’m gonna write the shit out of it.

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Six Degrees: A Quick Death

la Photo - Craig Mitchelldyer, Portland Timbers

As long as I’ve been a Timbers fan, it’s been LA that’s scared me the most. Year in and year out, it feels like they’re always right on the verge of dropping five goals on you. If you want to beat them, your defense has got to be on point for the full 90 minutes.

Saturday afternoon, our defense was on point for 79 minutes.

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