Thorns FC: vs Timbers – The Scheduling

The NWSL schedule is finally out!  Yay!

Here’s some quick and dirty information you might like to know…starting with the most critical for many of us; when do the Thorns’ and the Timbers’ schedules conflict?

The good-news answer is: not very often.

The two teams play on the same day only six times during 2017.  Of those six only one presents a direct conflict between the two, though a couple come close.

On April 15 – the Thorns noon home opener – the Timbers play at 7:30 (oddly, this has been presented as a “double-header” in some places…).  Not really a conflict unless you don’t want to go elsewhere and have to figure out how to kill five and a half hours drinking and playing euchre at Hot Lips Pizza…

On May 6 the Timbers are at San Jose while Thorns FC hosts (hisssss..!) the Seattle Reign.  The Timbers kick off at 7:30, the Thorns at 7:00.  There’s no real way to finesse that, so you might as well warm up the DVR for 5/6/17.

May 27 the Timbers have Seattle away while the Thorns play in Boston at 7pm.  Although the times aren’t really close (Timbers’ kickoff is noon…) this one is the reverse of the next same-day match; Timbers awayday troopers will have to either hurry home from the Clink or tape the Thorns to make kickoff in Massachusetts.

July 1 both teams are away; the Thorns in Seattle at 7:00, the Timbers at Sporting KC with a 4:00pm kickoff.  For the awayday legends that’ll be trouble…for the rest of us it means a long day in front of the bar at Bazi, or 442, or…

August 12 both teams are away again; PTFC (green) at Toronto with a 3pm kick, PTFC (red) in Chicago with kickoff at 5pm.  Another long afternoon at the bar.  Barkeep, another porter here, and what’s in the stoemp today?  It’s hell being a Portland supporter.  Sheer hell, I tell you.

Finally on September 30 the Thorns play at home – 1pm kickoff – and the Timbers are at San Jose again but not until 7:30pm, so there’s no real overlap issue there.

In other scheduling notes:

  •  The ridiculously unbalanced schedule from 2016 – where the Thorns played Seattle four times but everyone else no more than twice – is history.  This season Thorns FC plays six teams three times and three teams twice.
  • The three home-and-home series are with North Carolina, FCKC, and Sky Blue; of those three only one – Sky Blue away on 6/3 and here on 6/17 – is genuinely a “home-and-home” two-leg meeting.
  • However, two of the three matches against Boston are home-and-home: away on 5/27, here on 6/3.
  • Is opening against Orlando here going to be a thing?  The home and season opener for Portland hosts the Pride for the second year in a row.
  • As many of you probably already know, one of the three preseason games will be against the USWNT U-23s on Wednesday, March 29.  Should be an interesting matchup.

Less than a month now until Thorns FC kicks off down at 18th and Morrison.  Can’t be soon enough.