Thorns FC (and more…): Random Thoughts and the Subsidizening

Now that we’ve booted the roster ball around the Thorns’ pitch there’s not much more to talk about professional women’s soccer this year, but I thought I’d wander about playing a bit of wee heidies with some of the tag-ends of the season as well as possibilities for next year.

Of course, the NCAA playoffs are still going on (and down to the Final Eight starting today).  A handful of surprises; The #1 ranked Stanford Cardinal is out.  Florida State is out already, too, to Utah (Utah?) who was then ousted in turn by USC.  The luckless Badgers and Rose Lavelle – who will end her college career without a title –  went out in the second round to Florida and Savannah Jordan (who then got shot down by Auburn in the Round of 16).  The quarterfinals should be interesting to watch, if nothing else to see if anyone stands out as a prospective draft pick for January.

Of course, there’s another, less pleasant reason to keep an eye on the tournament; checking up on who gets injured.  Andi Sullivan (Stanford) will be out for months with an ACL tear picked up in the Cardinal’s loss to Santa Clara.

Perhaps the single biggest, and most difficult to answer – question is what will happen when the women’s collective bargaining agreement with US Soccer expires before dawn January 1, 2017.

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Thorns FC: Talking Thorns – the backline and keepers

So far we’ve looked at Thorns FC at forward and midfield, and what we’ve seen has looked good.  But while scoring and passing and cute juggling tricks are all fun to watch, and, yes, you often hear it said that “if you don’t score you can’t win”…


…but the other side of that aphorism is that if you don’t concede you can’t lose, and many championship teams win championships through tough defending and outstanding goalkeeping.

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Thorns FC: Talking Thorns – The Midfield

Last week we looked at Thorns FC’s striking corps.  This week we take a look at what we have in the center of the pitch, and speculate on what might happen in the off- and upcoming season.


On the morning of November 7 Thorns FC has a total of seven midfielders under contract.  The real question in my mind would be “which of these midfielders do what?”, so let’s look at them grouped into their roles.

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What’s behind the curtain.

It’s been a rough year on a lot of fronts. The soccer was sometimes okay, but sometimes not okay, and both the Timbers and the Thorns fell short of the results we wanted from them.

For me, it went beyond the on-field stuff. After over a year of writing less and less, and editing more and more, and becoming increasingly disconnected from what made it all fun for me in the first place, I found myself adrift.

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CCL: Booted Out

I’m stepping on C.I.’s toes a bit here, but before this weekend’s critical match in Our House in the Middle of B.C. I wanted to post a brief note about the Wednesday night 1-1 home draw to Saprissa C.D. that knocked the Timbers out of the CONCACAF Champion’s League.


I can’t add much to William Conwell’s report at the Stumptown link above.  Yes, it was a brutal hackfest.  We think we have it bad here in MLS (as C.I. noted about the Colorado match this past weekend…) until we have to play under the indifferent gaze of CCL officials.  This was a whole order of magnitude rougher.

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