A plea for player songs

The Joisey Goils are probably already on their way west while the Thorns’ US players are heading east.  Tomorrow we’ll see what happens when our Left Behind Girls in Red get stuck into a Sky Blue that has been looking much more dangerous in the past several weeks than they did back in April.

But that’s not that I wanted to talk about right now.  I want to talk about the noise from the North End.

The Riveters signature red smoke to celebrate Portland's goal.

The Riveters signature red smoke to celebrate Portland’s goal.

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Thorns FC: Convincing

Remember how last weekend I said that the Thorns’ 2016 “undefeated” run wasn’t entirely convincing, seeing as how the team had only looked really overpowering in one match, the home win over Washington back in May?

Sinc scores 6-22-16

Okay, well THAT bullstuff’s over with.

In the space of four days Thorns FC took six points off two games.  First they seized the then-league-leading Red Stars by the throat and beat them handily 2-nil to go top of table and announce that, halfway though the season, they are going to come at the rest of the league.  Then they traveled to the fever-swamp of Orlando’s “Citrus Bowl” and overcame the heat, humidity, hostile crowd, and a 67′ Jasmyne Spencer goal to win 2-1.

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