Happy little trees

Do I have my ticket?

Do I have my wallet?

Do I have my keys?

Wait. Do I have my ticket?

Do I have a competent back four and a confident striker?

After a 5-1 win over an expansion side in the Timbers’ 2017 home opener, I’m absolutely sure of the following: I have my ticket, my wallet, and my keys.

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Six Degrees: Too Emotional

nycfc Brad Penner USA TODAY Sports

I think maybe I take these Timbers games a little too personally.

Our first win this season, 3-1 over Dallas, was so much fun. When it was done, I was laughing, slapping hands, walking on sunshine.

Our second win? 1-0 over NYCFC? No laughter here. This was like 90 minutes in a sauna. When it was over, I stumbled away, exhausted. No high fives, no walking on sunshine. Mostly I just wanted to curl up in a ball and thank God I’d survived.

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